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Sunset with You - Sample Love Letter


Dear _____,

My _________, all day long I look forward to the time we'll spend together in the evening. I want to share each and every sunset with you. In fact, I want us to watch the sunset tonight from _________.

I can imagine it already: when the sun sinks low and the darkness spills across the land like a ______, you'll hold my hand and your touch _______ me with a _______ warmth and light. The magneta horizon is sure to be _________, but it's beauty will pale compared to what we _________.

You're a ______ in the ___________, a chalice of ________ in the desert, a spoonful of _____ to one who's starved for your sweetness. And I thank you for the many _____ you unselfishly offer me each day.

Tonight, as we watch the sun sink into the void, I intend to ______ you until you know just how much I ____ you.


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